måndag 21 mars 2016

Groundbreaking anti-riot police work

There was one police that stood out from the rest of the 450 policemen that was commanded to protect the neo-nazi demonstration against counter demonstrators in Jönköping on the first of May 2014. It's a bit strange that the police protects such a demonstration, but in Sweden we have democracy and freedom of speech and even parties that want to decrease democracy and remove freedom of speech have the right to express it. 

The name of the police that stood out from the rest is Constable Bängan Lagerblad. Bängans groundbreaking anti-riot methods gave the police total control of the situation and they were always one step in front of the demonstrators. Constable Bängan Lagerblad should be honoured with a medal from the National Police Commissioner for his excellent and groundbreaking police work which helped to keep demonstrators and counter demonstrators apart in a effective way. Sweden need more policemen like Bängan - Big up! 

Text and Photo: Mikael Good

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