fredag 11 juli 2014

Narnia - The Lion Roars Again

The Roaring Lion has long since lost his mane but he shows that his strength is not in his mane but in his heart. Narnia invited the audience at Gullbranna to a really good show and proved that they still are one of the leading neo-classical metal bands in the world - Long Live the King.

Narnia 23

Narnia is a Swedish neo-classical metal band that was founded by Christian Liljegren and Carl-Johan Grimmark in 1996. Christian left the band in 2008 and the band continued with Germán Pascual as lead singer until 2010 when the group disbanded. In late 2013 Christian and Carl-Johan decided to reform the group and go on tour to celebrate that it is 15 years since the release of their metal anthem Long Live the King. Narnia consist of Christian Liljegren - lead vocals, Carl-Johan Grimmark - guitars, vocals and bagpipe, Martin Härenstam - keyboard, Andreas Johansson, drums, Andreas Olsson - bass.

Narnia 42

Narnia played the following set at Gullbrannafestivalen
1. Gates of Cair Paravel (Intro)
2. Inner Sanctum
3. Show All The World
4. The Mission
5. Scared
6. Into This Game
7. Shelter through the pain
8. The Witch And the lion
9. Long Live The King
10. The Awakening
11. Living Water
12. No More Shadows From The Past

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Text and photo: Mikael Good

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