fredag 27 maj 2016

What lens did you use?

I posted some pictures from the Norwegian musician Ole Børuds concert at Gullbranna in Sweden on the 7th of mai on my flickr-page today. Almost instantly I got this question on my FlickrMail from one of the viewers who had checked the pictures EXIF-information: 
- Do you have the new Sony FE 70-200/2,8 lens?
It happens every now and then that people check the EXIF information or ask me the following question:
- What lens did you use?
My answer is that I always use the best lens for the purpose and it can be cheap or expensive but in the end it's the result that matters.

Click here if you want to see the other photos from the concert or try to figure out if I have the new Sony lens or not. Ole surrounds himself with very good and talanted musicians and the concert was very good:

Text and Photo: Mikael Good 

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