fredag 25 mars 2016

A Mighty Jesus Manifestation in Huskvarna

It's the Good Friday today. More than one billion Christians worldwide remember how Jesus suffered and died on a cross for our sins to give us eternal life. It's painful and sad that the Son of God who is completely free from sin had to go through all this. But He chose to do it because he loves us so much. Good Friday is a day we should devote to Him in worship and praise because of what He did for us.

The Cross was actually God's victory over darkness and it's a day that we should be really thankful for. Today I participated in the way of the Cross walk from Kungsporten Church to the center of Huskvarna along with more than 500 children, youngsters, adults and old people who marched behind the Cross and sang hymns to Jesus to celebrate and manifest His victory.

We arrived at Alf Henrikson place in Huskvarna. The meeting started and a worship team entered the stage and we sang songs of praise together. After a short sermon we prayed for the church, world leaders, refugees and persecuted Christians.

When Jesus and His Cross is in the center of our lives revival is close at hand. I believe that the Jesus manifestation in Huskvarna will send a ripple effect through the area and it surroundings and eventually over the world. Jesus is the answer, for the world today!

Text and Photo: Mikael Good

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