lördag 14 maj 2016

My best article is written but not published

A couple of years ago I finished a article about a struggling couple from Lativa. The article about the couple was somewhat of a classic love story with a happy ending and it includes war, oppression and hopelessness. But even if I consider it to be the best article that I have written, it's hard for me to publish it.  

Before I decided to publish it I did some additional research to fill up some gaps in the story, I found out that the strong struggling woman that the article was based on had suffered a tragic accident. Out of respect for her I made the decision to put the article in the drawer.

It's still a strong story that has to be told since it's connected with Latvias history. But first I want to let the ravages of time make it to a historical document from a bygone era and then I might publish it in a book about Latvia.

Text and Photo: Mikael Good

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