söndag 1 maj 2016

The Church bells in Jönköping tolled against Nazism

The Party of the Swedes which was a neo-nazi party held a demonstration in central Jönköping at Labour Day 2014. Before the demonstration a joint Church Service was held against racism at the Sofia Church in JönköpingAfter the Church service started the church bells to toll and they tolled during the entire time that the Party of the Swedes held their demonstration.

Church Service Against Rasism

Tens of thousands of peaceful demonstrators stood up like one person along the demonstration route and they showed their dislike in a mostly peaceful demonstration. They tried to block the way for the neo-nazi demonstration. The demonstration were protected by hundreds of policemen and women. 

Clearing the Street from Peaceful Protesters

Most of the counter demonstrators were peaceful citizens of Jönköping and it's surroundings but there were also some violent left-wing radicals who tried to stop the nazi demonstration with force. The good thing was that the later group was in minority and the peaceful demonstrators helped the police to calm them down.

Nice Horse

I documented the peaceful uprising against the Nazis in Jönköping. And I sold some of the pictures to different magazines. The money that I got for the pictures went to healthcare and after-school projects for roma people in Romania.

Konstapel Bängan Lagerman

Text and photo: Mikael Good

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