fredag 3 juni 2016

Narnia - Reaching for the top

Narnia is a Swedish band who plays melodic neoclassical metal. The band was founded by the vocalist Christian Liljegren and the guitarist Carl-Johan (CJ) Grimmark in 1996. Christian left the band in 2008. The band continued with Germán Pascual as a new lead singer until 2010 when the group decided to take a break. 

In late 2013 decided Christian and Carl-Johan to reform Narnia and go on tour in 2014 to celebrate that it was 15 years since the release of their metal anthem - Long Live the King. 

Narnia celebrates 20 years as a band this year and will release a much acclaimed album that is scheuled to be released on september 16. It will be released worldwide on vinyl record, CD and digital formats. The band will also go on tour and will play in Sweden, The Netherlands and Switzerland in 2016.

Enjoy the new song “Reaching For The Top”, and follow Narnia on their brand new website to get fresh information about the band:

Text and photo: Mikael Good

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