onsdag 9 mars 2016

Life in Roma Villages in Romania

I travelled to Romania In september 2014 and visited Roma villages where some of the economic migrants that beg for money or collect cans and bottles in my hometown come from. My goal was to take photos for a slide show and write articles about the situation for Roma people in Romania.

There are many false rumors about Roma people that have been spread in Sweden and other north European countries by nationalist groups. Rumours that state that the Roma people from Romania are rich, that they have nice cars and live in nice houses and live a life of luxury. A life that they have paid for with money they made by theft and begging. One idea behind the slideshow is to show the real living conditions in the villages where the migrants come from and that their living standard is anything but luxurious.

Music are a important part of a slideshow and when I heard the Roma musicians Catalin Vlad and Stefanica Gheorges interpretation of Goran Bregovićs song Ederlezi. I decided to contact them and ask if I could use their song. They said yes after they had seen my pictures.

Text and photo: Mikael Good

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