torsdag 10 mars 2016

Lord I Just Wanna Go Home

This is Georgian he is a 30 year old Roma man from the North East of Romania. When he lost his job in Romania he went to Sweden in a desperate search of a job and a income in order to provide for his children back home in Romania. Despite many attempts, he was unable to find any work and was compelled to beg outside a store in Sweden to get some money that he could send home to his children. 

The singer/songwriter Johan Leidefors who has written the song Go Home about Georgian and the documentary photographer Mikael Good have got to know Georgian and they share a hope to be able to help Georgian and his family in some way. They have done a music video with a hope to raise money for the benefit of Georgian and other Roma people who beg on the streets in their hometown.

Put your donation on giro 545-6546 or "Swisha" your donation to 123 175 86 55. Mark the payment with "Church Aid - Go Home" (Collected funds will be administered by the Swedish Church in Huskvarna).

Text and photo: Mikael Good

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