måndag 4 april 2016

Make me some noise

The Gospel artist Kirk Franklin encourages his fans to make some noise at his concerts. But as much as Krik loves when his audience make him noise as much hates Rock Photographers disturbing image noise when they shoot indoor concerts in low light. 

I took the photo of Kirk with a good old Canon EOS 1D MK II N and a 300 mm lens at 1000 ASA and it has some visible noise. I need a full frame DSLR that is usable up to 25.600 ASA in order to capture the flying moments at concerts without limitations. The Sony A7s is such a camera and it's image noise at 25.600 ASA are comparable with the 1D MK II N at 1000 ASA! I will buy one as soon as it has come down in price. And then I will say goodbye to disturbing image noise.

Text and Photo: Mikael Good

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