måndag 9 januari 2012

Your calendar must be full

It's a new year and this year is filled with exciting new challenges for me. This year i really want to serve the least of my brothers with my many gifts. And i hope that my calendar soon will be filled with job opportunities.

I did only have two weeks payed work as a reporter last year. My photos and articles that was used by NGO´s collected millions of kronor to poor people in need.

- Your calendar must be full, said a Danish photojournalist to me after he had been going through my photo-portfolio.
The truth is that my calendar is far from full. It´s actually empty, but i hope that the calendar is going to be filled with jobs soon... I'm definitely not a poverty tourist who travel around the world to take spectacular pictures and put together stories that will lift up myself in the spotlight. I try to serve the people who I meet with the gifts that I have received. I rejoice when I can share a little light of hope in the poverty darkness where the least of my brothers lives. The laborer is worthy of his wages. I hope that i will have enough work this year so that I could earn my living and not need to be dependent on the Unemployment Benefit anymore.

The comment that has strengthened me most was when the angel from Riga Liana Velka. Who is a hero and a great example for me said to me:
– Mikael, it's so fun to work with you, you bring so much hope and joy to the poor families that you meet.
Without exalting me. I would say that I will be a great asset to any NGO if they choosed to employ or hire me. I'm really good at fundraising and most important i have a big heart for the least of my brothers.

You will find some of my work samples and my contact information in my portfolio: http://www.chasid.fotosidan.se/portfolios.htm 

Text and photo: Mikael Good. All rights reserved.

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