onsdag 27 februari 2013

I´m thankful for all the gifts that I have been given

I´m very grateful that I have been involved in collecting millions of SKR to people in need with the gifts that I have been given. Helping other people in need is something that I really want to continue to do and something that I´m really good at doing and I hope that I soon will find a new opportunity to work for the least of my brothers and sisters.

I have a clear goal with my work and that is to use my knowledge and the gifts that I have been given in such a effective way as possible so that it benefits other people. This is the foundation that I will have independent of which work situation that I will be given. My personal ambitions are high and even if I can do a good job on my own I strive for being a part of a team that works creative and effective for common goals that will benefit others.

I´m a skilled photojournalist, reporter, public relations officer, editor, graphic designer and I know how to handle social media in a effective way. The only thing that I don´t have is a proper job and I hope that you who has read this text to this point in some way shall be able to provide the link between me and my new job.

Thanks in advance!


Text and Photo: © Mikael Good. All Rights Reserved.

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