onsdag 24 februari 2016

A Hungry Latvian Boy

Arvids just sat on a chair in his old worn sweater and big trousers and looked straight ahead when I met him. He tried to think about something else than his stomach that was aching of hunger. He lived with his unemployed mother and his four siblings in a apartment on the Latvian countryside. His mother got some money from the social service but they didn't cover the expenses. Therefor she couldn't afford more than two simple meals a day to feed her children, and they often had to go to bed on a empty stomach.

I visited the family when I followed two Latvian AID-workers that handed out a Christmas parcel to the family. Arvids and his older sisters opened the parcel and their faces turned from sorrow to happiness when they unpacked the parcel that was bristling with food and healthcare products. Arvids literally shined with his whole body when he held up a bag of macaroni and showed it to his mother and said:
- Mummy please, can we have macaroni for lunch?

Text and Photo: Mikael Good

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Fotoblogg - Petra Inna sa...

It´s so sad to read about these children and that they still suffer so much. It has become better but it´s hard to see upp to which level. Many schools have free lunches for the children now. But still, it´s difficult to find statistics and my heart is bleeding when reading about Arvid. Many children have also "lost" their parents who are working abroad.