torsdag 5 januari 2012

Your Latvian neighbours need your help

What would you do if your neighbours could not afford to pay their rent, their food and their clothes. Would you just ignore them and pretend as if they were not there? Or would you help them so they came back on their feets again? Latvia is a neighbour to Sweden and they are short of everything. And yet few Swedes cares about their Latvian neighbours situation...

Latvia is the country in the European Union that has suffered hardest by the economic crisis and the country is now in a deep economic recession. The previously so optimistic Latvian tiger economy which was pumped up by the major Swedish banks aggressive lending lost its bite and the country has gone into a deep economic recession. Workplace after workplace has gone bankrupt. According to official statistics nearly 20 percent of the population is now unemployed but unofficial sources are talking about an unemployment rate of almost 40 percent and in some rural areas in the east of Latvia the unemployment is almost 100 percent according to local social workers.

You can make a change for the people in Latvia. If you donate money to Velki Association, Star of Hope, USASwedish NGO SAM-hjälp or the Swedish NGO Hjärta till Hjärta the money that you give will go to families in need in the Latvian society.

Text and Photo: Mikael Good. All rights reserved.

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