söndag 28 april 2013

Concert Photography With a Leica M

Some experts and self proclaimed knowers say that you can´t use a digitala Leica M8 at the low light conditions in a concert. I choose not to listen to them.

I set the ASA to 640 the aperture to 2,8 and the shutter speed dial to 1/60 and start capturing the flying moments with the aid of the excellent rangefinder which gives me the extra control that I need. Back in the good old days I used to use a SLR and a Tri-X 400 film set to 800 ASA with a 35mm or a 85mm lens. Today I prefer to shoot concerts with a rangefinder and a 50mm lens.

As you can see the Leica M8 is still a really good camera for concerts. My EOS 5D Mark II is a much better choice for concert photography especially in poor light conditions. But I prefer to work with my slightly obsolete Leica rangefinder cause it´s a joy to use it and I really enjoy the picture quality that it delivers. Some people might call me a hipster, but a hipster for me is someone who buys a camera to show of with. The best cameras to show of with is a professional Canon or Nikon. Ordinary people often knows that brands and if you use a big fat Canikon with a huge lens then you must be a professional photographer. For most people Leica is just some old nearly useless crap from eastern Europe. One guy even asked me if Leica was made in DDR (German Democratic Republic).

I took 20 pictures at the concert and then I sat down and enjoyed the show. The most important thing to do when you shoot concerts is to take time to enjoy the show. The artist in the pictures is Jimmy Needham who gave an excellent acoustic concert at Kungsporten in Husqvarna. Jimmy's music and his deep and very self-revealing lyrics called for reflection. He was accompanied on the stage by his guitar, harmonica and the very talented drummer Will Hunt. If you never heard of Jimmy Needham before then please click on the following link and listen to one of his best tunes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6smGew7dGto

Leica M8 is still a amazing camera to shoot with. But it does have it's limitations. Used in the right conditions, the good old Leica M8 performs like a champion. However there are no perfect digital camera for every situation. Eventually I really hope that I will find a perfect camera. Until then I will stick with my Leica M8 and it´s backup the hipster fanboy Canon EOS 5D Mark II :)

Text and Photo: © Mikael Good, All Rights Reserved.

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