tisdag 1 mars 2016

Music Festival Photos From Gullbranna 2015

The Gullbranna festival is a meeting place where you can get inspired and be challenged in the Christian faith, you can listen to good music, meet friends and enjoy the beach and the sea. The festival is held in Gullbranna outside the Swedish town Halmstad the first week in july.

Kirk Franklin

The festival is arranged by the Swedish Alliance Mission Youth (SAU), in cooperation with the NGO Erikshjälpen, Gullbrannagården, Swedish Alliance Mission, the Centre Church in Forserum, Älgabäcksryds Missionsförsamling, Gullbranna Church, Bilda and 350 volunteers.

Matt Smith Theocracy

I have been working voluntarily as a festival photographer for the festival for a couple of years. You can find 169 of the photos that I took at the 2015 festival at my Flickr page. Hope you enjoy them: https://www.flickr.com/ph…/chasid68/albums/72157664529553760

Text and photo: Mikael Good

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